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TISS Journal of Disability Studies and Research

Call for papers

March 26, 2024 - Aug. 30, 2024

Call for Papers 2024

TISS Journal of Disability Studies and Research (TJDSR)

Half Yearly Issue, A Peer Reviewed Journal

RNI No. MAHENG/2021/81181

ISSN 2583-603X (PRINT)


(Circulation for Students, Faculty, Researchers, Practitioners, Teachers, PhD Scholars)

TISS Journal of Disability Studies and Research invites research papers for its half yearly issue for June and Dec 2024. The journal calls for manuscripts reporting - original research, case comments, book reviews, empirical studies, grassroot level studies, evidence based studies, educational innovations in relation to persons with disability, disability studies, social policies and law. The Selected papers will be published in June 2024 and Dec 2024 Issue of the Journal.


Call for Papers & Important Dates:

Important dates for the Submission of full Paper:

  1. TISS Journal of Disability Studies and Research, Volume -IV, Issue-I, June, 2024,

Theme: Disability Research from Multidisciplinary Perspective   

Full paper submission deadline- 30th April 2024


  1. TISS Journal of Disability Studies and Research, Volume-IV, Issue-II, December 2024

Theme: Disability Studies, Artificial Intelligence, ICT and Assistive Technology   

Full paper submission deadline- 30th August 2024


The authors shall base their academic and research papers based on the following sub-themes also for both issues:

Paper Submission Sub Themes:

  1. Disability Data and Questions  
  2. Artificial Intelligence and Disability
  3. ICT, Assistive Technology and Disability Rehabilitation
  4. Ethical concerns for Persons with Disability, Laws and Equality  
  5. Homelessness, Cycle of Poverty and Disability
  6. Science, Innovation and Technology for Persons with Disabilities   
  7. Social Media and Disability
  8. Accessible Voting for Persons with Disabilities
  9. Voices of Invisible Disabilities: An emerging area of Research    
  10. Disability Sports as an instrument for social inclusion and Transformation   



TISS Journal of Disability Studies and Research is a Journal of multidisciplinary nature. It aims to transcend beyond the traditional boundaries of academic disciplines such as Social Work, Sociology, Psychology, Anthropology, law, Technology, Engineering, Media, Medical Sciences, Rehabilitation Sciences, Social sciences to facilitate and develop disability related knowledge, research and innovative practices from the multidisciplinary perspective. It is peer reviewed/ referred journal of interest to Disability studies professionals, social workers, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech and hearing professionals, sociologists, special educators, teachers, legal experts, academia, psychologists, human rights professionals, health care experts, scholars in any discipline working in the disability sector, to contribute to the field of disability studies. This Journal attempts to address the contemporary and critical issues of persons with disability across the life span and epistemological questions. The Journal promotes indigenous work, evidence based practice, field based research, and people centred work at grassroots that require scientific enquiry to develop disability studies with bottom up approach. Essentially to understand voices of persons with disability to contribute to the sector and identification of research gaps important for policy makers. Broader aspects are mainstreaming disability in education, livelihood, work, family, community are important towards strengthening their sustainable development. The journal deals holistically with issue of disability studies and inclusion with multidisciplinary lens to create an academic space in disciplines on the subject of disability to develop academic rigour and foundation of Disability Studies.

This is a flagship project of the Centre for Disability Studies and Action, TISS. Through this journal, TISS aims to establish a unique platform of multi-faceted discourse on disability in all forms, including epistemological research, evidence based practice, scientific analysis of people centered sustainable development, promote grass root level work, provide voices to people with disabilities and promote rights based approach with UNCRPD framework in the academic spaces and disciplines.

Aim: To establish dialogue on multidisciplinary issues of disability and inclusion with an aim to create an evidence based knowledge and innovative practice to strengthen the field of disability studies and promote principles of the UNCRPD framework.


  1. Submission of Manuscript
  2. Communication and Submissions-All submissions and subsequent communications

regarding the manuscript may be addressed to the chief editor by email at vaishali@tiss.edu

  1. Basic Prerequisites for Submission- Before the article goes for peer review following prerequisites are required to be met-a) Title and content of the article shall meet the aim of the Journal b) Word limit 5000-8000 words. c) Abstract upto 200 words d) Referencing in APA 7th edition format as mentioned in following guidelines. e) Maximum four authors.
  2. Guidelines-The Manuscript published elsewhere or selected/ submitted for publication elsewhere shall be disqualified. The submission should be made in following manner Manuscript Framework with Title Page/Covering Page should include the following details:
  3. Complete manuscript Title
  4. Declaration by Authorin covering letter with the article submitted is original and

belongs to the author(s) and not published elsewhere.

  1. Details of the Authors: Names of author(s), email address and contact number for

correspondence, one-line author note for each author stating current designation and affiliation.

About ascertaining authorship –All parties who have made substantive contribution to the

article should be listed as authors. (i) Criteria for substantive contribution must include concept

and design structure of the manuscript; (ii) drafting and/or finalizing the manuscript. In case of

Multiple authors, the order of naming the contributors should be based on the relative

contribution of the contributor towards the study and writing the manuscript.

  1. Abstract(200 words) should consist of brief description of study, methodological

specifications, pedagogy, and findings/outcome.

  1. Key words-6-8 words
  2. Word Limit- Articles (5000 to 8000 words ) Papers that comprehensively analyse a theme

and engage with all the existing literature on it.

  1. Essays (5000 to 6000 words) Papers that concisely analyse specific contemporary issues in

Disability studies

  1. Manuscript Submission format- Title, Abstract, Key Words, Introduction, Literature Review, Research Design/Pedagogy/Methodology, Analytical Discussion, Key Findings, Conclusion, Scope and Limitation.
  2. Acknowledgements: All contributors who do not meet the authorship criteria should be

acknowledged. Please note that acknowledgements should only include people who may have

provided technical in the form of acquisition of funding, data collection and not otherwise.

  1. Funding: The funding involved in the preparation of the manuscript needs to be declared. In

case no funding was received, the same should be stated as “This research received no specific

grant from any funding agency in the public, commercial, or not-for-profit sectors” If self-financed it can mentioned as Self-financed.

  1. Declaration of conflict of interest: The authors of must disclose any and all conflicts of

interest they may have with publication of the manuscript or an institution or product that is

mentioned in the manuscript and/or is important to the outcome of the study presented. Authors

should also disclose conflict of interest with products that compete with those mentioned in

their manuscript.

  1. Contact information of the corresponding author(name, address, phone and email) shall

be mentioned at left corner first page after key words

  1. Preparation of the Manuscript
  2. All pages must be double-spaced (including notes and references) with margins measuring

at least 1 inch. Use 12 point and Times New Roman font. The submission type must adhere the

word limit mentioned in the ‘Submission types admitted to the Journal’ section.

  1. Referencing Style: Manuscripts should follow the style of American Psychological

Association (7th Edition). The APA website may be referred for learning to write in APA style.

  1. Using Inclusive Language: Inclusive language demonstrates valuing equality, human

sensitivity towards dignity to all, acceptance for diversity, human differences and convey

valuing all people irrespective of class, caste, ableism. The content shall not amplify superiority

over others in relation to class, caste, culture, ableism, race and it should not promote no

discrimination to anyone. The idea is to promote inclusion in the Journal of Disability Studies

  1. Elaboration of the Editorial work: The Journal adheres to peer review, transparent peer

review system. The Publication Policies are that the <Name of the Journal> takes copyright

infringement, plagiarism and other breaches seriously.

  1. Contact details vaishalikolhe2020@gmail.com, vaishali@tiss.edu (8850038149)
  2. APA Referencing Style(7th Edition) to be followed by authors. Kindly visit this site -


  1. Copyright Statement -The Articles will belong to the TISS Journal of Disability

Studies and Research, Mumbai.

Note-Please feel free to contact the Editor of the Journal for any queries at vaishali@tiss.edu

You may call at 8850038149 (10.30 am to 5.30 pm)

Best Regards,

Dr. Vaishali Kolhe, PhD

Chief Editor

TISS Journal of Disability Studies and Research (TJDSR)

Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Faculty Room 02, Ground Floor,                                          

Centre for Disability Studies and action, Mumbai-400088,


Email-vaishali@tiss.edu, copy to


Date -09/03/2024, Place: TISS, Mumbai

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